Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Beginning of #LITTLEMENMEYER

We are Clayton and Kim Meyer from Edmond, Oklahoma and our family is 2 years into a journey of adopting 3 Haitian brothers, our 'Little Men Meyer.' Our boys are 15,12 & 10. God has given us a passion to offer love and hope to the lost and forgotten of the world. Please consider joining us in this long and difficult journey to bring these three brothers home together.

Journey Began
Over the last 3 years we have had 5 painful miscarriages in between God blessing us with 2 miracle babies. While dating 15 years ago, we both shared that we had a passion to adopt a child from a 3rd world country. After the miscarriages, we knew God was leading us to start the adoption process.

Our adoption journey began in December of 2013, believing that God wanted us to adopt a boy, under the age of 3, from Haiti.  In June 2015, our Haiti Director posted in our private Facebook group a picture of 2 adorable boys who were 10 and 12 years old. The boys had been on a waiting child list for several years. Something immediately happened in Kim’s heart when she saw this picture. Over the last 22 months we have seen countless photos of waiting children, watched dozens of hard, emotional videos of children in Haitian orphanages, but nothing had ever moved Kim like this photo. She could not stop thinking about these boys and we felt God moving us to request additional information. Once we received additional information, we were heartbroken for what these brothers have been through. 

Our Decision
We prayed, fasted and sought wise counsel and knew God wanted us to pursue adopting these two boys. We have nicknamed them our 'Little Men Meyer.'  We were given a 'soft referral' by the orphanage Director and submitted our dossier to the Haitian IBESR specifically for our little men.  
About 4 weeks after we received our 'soft referral', the 
orphanage Director contacted our Haiti Director with a very hard question for us.  Would we consider adopting the boys’ older brother as well, before he ages out of the adoption system? Once he turns 16, he is no longer adoptable. He turns 16 in December.  A family had been pursuing adopting the oldest, but they were unable to get their dossier completed fast enough so we were now being asked to adopt all 3 boys. 

We prayed and prayed and prayed for many weeks. We sought Godly counsel and knew, God wanted us to say YES! So, we are now pursuing the 3 brothers! Without a doubt, this has been the hardest decision we have ever had to make!

We need to receive the 'formal referral' for the oldest brother, before the end of December or else we are not able to adopt him and he will age out of the system.  Please pray that we would receive the referral before he ages out! We want to keep our boys together.  If we do not receive a referral by his birthday, we will continue on and adopt the younger two brothers.

At this time, the Haitian IBESR will not allow us to share the boys’ names or pictures with you, but we look forward to the day that we can. 

Our Need
We have a lot of money to raise in order to bring our 'little men' home!  We do not know where all of the funds needed to bring our 3 boys home, are going to come from, but we are relying on God. We thought raising the necessary funds for 1 child was going to be hard! Ha, 3 is HUGE!   

Our Haiti Director said we have a good chance of receiving the official referral for the boys before the oldest brother's 16th birthday. Once again, we are relying on God's timing, not ours. We do not have much time to raise the money needed to bring the 3 boys home but we know our adoption is in God's hands, not ours. If the Haitian IBESR is unable to issue us a formal referral by December 25th, we will only be able to adopt the younger two. 

We need to raise $55,000 in order to bring our 3 little men home.  As of today, we have paid $18,500 in adoption expenses.  If we receive the official referral for the 3 boys, we need to pay $22,000 in order to accept the referral, plus have about $6,500 ready for our 14 day bonding trip.  We are required to travel for the bonding trip within 2 weeks of receiving the official referral. The remaining fees will be due after the bonding trip.  

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for our family as we continue on in our adoption journey. 
  • That God would provide the money we need to bring our little men Meyer home.
  • The safety and well-being of our little men. 
  • That we would receive the grants we are applying for.
  • Our paperwork would be processed quickly and correctly.

Clayton, Kim, Jett and Keira Meyer

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