Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January- A month of waiting...

We wanted to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to those who have been donating and sharing our adoption journey on social media. We are so appreciative when you share our story!

Currently, our dossier is before a Haitian Children's Judge. The Judge needs to sign our dossier, so that it can go back to the IBESR, for formal matching, which leads to the formal referral being issued for our #littlemenmeyer. Once we get this referral, Clayton and I will immediately travel to Haiti to meet our boys.

Here is how you can pray specifically for us this week. PLEASE  pray that God would speed this process along. This process alone, could take months and months to be completed. Please join us in praying that our dossier would be expedited and a sense of urgency would be felt by every single person that is involved in bringing our adoption to completion.

One of my (Kim) all-time favorite songs is: Elevation Worship: Unstoppable God

"Nothing shall be impossible, Your Kingdom reigns unstoppable, 
We'll shout your praise forever more. Jesus our God, Unstoppable!"

For the last 2 years, we have been committed and working hard towards bringing our adoption to completion and now, we are even more committed to bringing our 3 boys home!  I (Kim) would feel such discouragement each time we were delayed. So.Many.Many.Delays. So many tears and such frustration with each delay.

Now, looking back, we can see why God put those delays in our adoption journey. Had we not been delayed, we would not have been at the perfect spot, at the perfect time, to notice our boys photo and jump at the chance to adopt them. The boys situation was a little complicated, but because of all our delays, we were exactly where we needed to be. Only God!! Only God could have orchestrated the timing of our family with the timing of connecting with our boys. 

Never forget, nothing is ever impossible or too hard for our God. Seek Him with all your heart.

We would be honored if you would connect with us:
Matching Adoption Grant:  We still need $2,200 in order to receive the $5,000 matching grant.

Clayton, Kim, Jett & Keira Meyer

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