Monday, September 19, 2016

Exciting Adoption Update!

After 13 months of virtually silence, we received an incredibly exciting phone call today from our adoption agency.

The IBESR in Haiti has requested that we pay them a fee, so they can release our formal referral. We immediately mailed a check to our adoption agency this morning and our Haiti Director was going to wire a payment today to the IBESR. This is the very last step before receiving the official referral! We can now expect our phone to ring, literally any day now, telling us we have the official referral. Once we receive this long awaited phone call, Clayton and I will travel immediately to Haiti, so we can meet our 3 sons!

We are so close to receiving the official referral and we are so, so excited for this next massive step in our adoption journey.

Here is how YOU can help our family. We would be so appreciative if you would pray for our 3 boys (#littlemenmeyer) and our family as we wait. We would be extremely grateful if you could make a donation to our gofundme page: Adopting Haitian Brothers by Kim Meyer - GoFundMe as well as share our Facebook page: (1) Adopting Haitian Brothers with your friends on social media.

We need to raise $9,000 in the next 30 days, so we can accept the official referral once it is issued.  If we do not have this amount in hand once we receive the referral, we will be unable to accept the referral and our oldest son (16) will no longer be adoptable because of his age.

Please pray that God would provide what we need, when we need it, as we work to become a family of 7!


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